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7 Classic ’90s Toys That Weren’t Fun Anymore After 9/11

Ready to turn back the clock?

1. Furby

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He was cuddly, he was cute, he was…some kind of owl?? All that mattered: Furby was your best friend! The September 11 terror attacks changed that forever. When those towers went down, something in you died forever and now Furby is nothing more than some fluff and plastic. “Boo-dah toh-toh!”

2. Mr. Bucket

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Awwww! We could seriously spend a whole afternoon remembering the kooky laughs this little guy gave us and still never erase the stomach-churning memory of United Flight 175 plunging into that second tower.

3. Pogs!!!!

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Stack ’em, slam ’em, trade ’em…or just collect ’em! Pogs were a whole world of fun. Then nearly 3,000 Americans died in one morning. You can’t go home again.

4. Gak

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Remember Gak?! Remember the silly fart noise it made as you pushed it back into the container? Remember before you switched on the TV and saw not one but three harrowing scenes? Downtown New York. The Pentagon. A field smoldering in Pennsylvania. We lost our national innocence that day.

5. Crocodile Dentist

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Those people. Those falling people.

6. Tamagotchi

Seven minutes left in last period. The teacher’s talking, but your Tamagotchi is the only thing on your mind. Is it okay? Is it hungry? Is it happy? Back then, before 9/11, your life revolved around thoughts like these. They seemed important. They were important.

7. Socker Boppers

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You were right on the cusp of adolescence when those towers went down. Too young then, perhaps, to feel the full ramifications of what you were seeing, but old enough to understand: “More fun than a pillow fight” didn’t mean anything anymore. Now you wonder if it ever did.