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7 Creative And Inexpensive First Date Ideas

Just because you’re broke doesn’t mean you can’t have amazing dates!

1. Listen to the Nixon tapes ($0): Why spend a fortune taking your date to the movies, when you could listen to over three thousand hours of secretly recorded conversations between President Richard Nixon and various individuals for free?

2. Glue a bunch of birds together ($2): For just the price of glue, you and your date can finally see what happens when you glue a bunch of birds together. This is a great activity if you are looking for a lower pressure daytime date idea!

3. Reserve the table at the Ritz-Carlton where customers are allowed to bite your fingernails ($10): A table at one of the Ritz’s world-renowned restaurants can set you back hundreds, but if you opt for the $10 table where the other diners are allowed to come over and bite your fingernails as much as they want, you and your date can eat top chop for cheap!

4. Trace the route that Adnan and Jay allegedly took on January 13th, 1999 ($5): For just the price of gas, you and your date will have a blast tracing the route that Jay claimed he and Adnan took that fateful day in January when Hae Min Lee disappeared.

5. Have sex next to a basketball ($15): For an official Spalding™ NBA game ball, the price can be steeper, but if you’re just looking for a basketball to set on a table in the room where you and your date are having sex, you should be able to find one for under 20 bucks.

6. Take a walk in Paris, the city you live in (€0): Assuming you and your date both live in Paris, there are many scenic routes and Parisian landmarks to enjoy, and it won’t cost you a thing.

7. Throw some Larmers™ brand ham medallions on the grill and settle in for a night of romance ($9.99): Whether you’re married or going on a first date, one thing’s for sure: it’s not date night without Larmers™ brand ham medallions. So light some candles, put on the Marvin Gaye, and treat that special someone to a sizzling stack of Larmers™ brand ham medallions. Deliciously affordable at only $9.99, it’s no surprise that they’ve been “America’s Favorite Taste” since 1928.