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7 Feelings We Need An English Word For ASAP

The English language has been around for centuries…how do we not have words for these feelings yet??

1. That startling realization that every person you pass on the street has a life and a story that’s as complex as yours, except for the mailman, who leads a trivial existence devoted exclusively to putting paper in boxes.

2. That feeling when you’re stuck in an endless traffic jam that you know is being caused by your rowdy toddler, who’s standing in the middle of the highway, miles ahead, holding up a stop sign that he drew.

3. That rush you get after you’ve perfectly flicked a nickel straight through a praying mantis’ neck.

4. The urge to be wet and dry at the same time.

5. That feeling when you really need to go to sleep but you can’t stop worrying about the woman who said she was going to flip off your car while you’re sleeping.

6. That weird rumbling you feel in your stomach when your body needs sustenance.

7. That awkward feeling when you decide to fall asleep underneath your booth at Buffalo Wild Wings, and when you wake up there’s a new party seated at the table and you’re not sure how to break the news that you’re down there.

So what are you waiting for, Merriam-Webster?? Get on these!