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7 Genius Ways To Survive In The Wild You’d Never Figure Out On Your Own

Death can ruin any camping trip. Don’t go into the wilderness again without knowing these seven counterintuitive survival techniques.

Blink: Harsh natural air drying out your eyes? Seasoned outdoorsmen know the trick is blinking: moving your upper eyelid all the way down, then back up to restore moisture and remove irritants.

Drink Water: “Okay, I know I need water to survive in my everyday life, but do I really need it in the wild too?” It’s a pain, but yes, you do. Drink up!

Urinate: Once your bladder becomes full, it is recommended that you urinate. The idea that holding it in will cause the discomfort to go away is a common myth.

Sleep Mode: If you start feeling drowsy, one cause might be sleepiness. Sleepiness is caused by excessive time spent awake. The best way to combat this is to close your eyes and let your body go into so-called sleep mode

Currency: In a pinch, those colored slips of paper you’ve seen crumpled up in jars and on nightstands can actually be exchanged for survival goods like sturdy shoes or a signaling mirror.

Farm: The casual outdoorsman will tell you that finding a food source is the hardest part of surviving in the wild, but the truly savvy survivalist knows that this issue is easily overcome by starting a farm.

Don’t Eat Everything You See: If pressed, every nature expert will admit they don’t eat everything they see. That’s because many of the plants, berries, and carcasses you observe in the wild are actually poisonous. By not ingesting everything, you’ll stay one step ahead of nature.

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