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7 Incredible Stories Behind Your Favorite Beatles Songs

They’re the most iconic rock band of all time—bigger than Jesus, even. But did you know the origins of the Beatles’ best songs?

1. “Happiness Is A Warm Gun”: John Lennon is said to have gotten the idea for this White Album hit when his infant son, Sean, uttered its title as his first words.

2. “Golden Slumbers”: While fans have long searched for deeper meaning in the term, “golden slumbers” is simply the way that British people say goodnight to each other.

3. “Here Comes The Sun”: George Harrison’s iconic melody was originally written to be featured in a Raisin Bran commercial where a giant anthropomorphic sun would force its hand through the kitchen window of a suburban home, proffering a hearty scoop of raisins to the family within.

4. “Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite”: The eponymous fundraiser pulled in more than 4 million pounds, but the treatments failed, and the Beatles’ longtime mentor and impresario Geoffrey Kite succumbed to basal cell carcinoma less than a year later.

5. “The Beatle Bop”: John Lennon claimed that this song’s two-note melody and repetitive lyrics (“Do the Beatle Bop”) came to him “in one tremendous instant” at the end of a 20-day meditative retreat.

6. “Love Me Do”: According to Paul McCartney, he and John Lennon were walking through the fields of the Northern English countryside when they came across a dead fox getting devoured by a swarm of flies. John and Paul whipped out their guitars right there on the spot and wrote “Love Me Do” while they watched the fox carcass decay.

7. “I’ve Got A Feeling”: This song’s title is said to have come from a premonition the band had regarding Let It Be producer Phil Spector. Even more eerie is the song’s full working title, “I’ve Got A Feeling (That Phil Is Going To Kill A Woman).”