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7 Messages In Bottles From A Desperate, Shipwrecked Jackie Chan That I Have Found On The Beach

I can’t go to the beach without finding these messages in bottles from a marooned Jackie Chan.

1. This one was bobbing around the tidal shallows. It was the first bottle I found, so I didn’t know who could have written it.

2. This one washed up right onto my feet while I was wading in the surf.

3. Found this one under a really big conch.

4. Here’s a bottle that was buried real deep in the sand. Good thing I had my beach shovel with me, which I mostly use to dig up shells and driftwood.

5. Found this bottle while fishing. I got real excited that I had caught a big one, but it was just another bottle from Jackie Chan.

6. I think Jackie Chan was getting a little frustrated here, and I can’t say that I blame him.

7. I’m just glad that things worked out for the best.