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7 Must-Own T-Shirts For Anyone With Sexually Active Parents

If you’ve got parents that have sex with each other, these shirts are an absolute must for you.

1. When your parents are constantly making love to each other, you can’t help but tell the world! Here’s the perfect shirt to let everyone know!

2. There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. To the victor go the spoils!

3. When your parents become intimate with considerable frequency, you’ve always got strong opinions about it. Tell the world what’s what with this no-nonsense tee!

4. With a classy message on both the back and the front, this tee lets the world know that your parents have reignited the spark of their love no matter which direction you’re facing.

5. Uh-oh! Slacker alert!

6. This is a perfect shirt for you if you want to let the world know that your parents go to town on each other…and that you’ve got a bit of an attitude about it!

7. Children of sexually active parents can say it in style with this totally badass fashion statement. Bottom line: If your mom and dad are always rubbing each other’s genitals like their plane crashed and they’re trying to start a primitive fire, you need this tee in your wardrobe!