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7 Of My Most Prized T-Shirts That No Longer Make Sense If Mother Teresa Is A Saint

Mother Teresa has been canonized as a saint, and just like that seven of my favorite T-shirts no longer make any sense at all.

1. I wore this shirt at least once a week before Mother Teresa became known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta. Now it’s folded with my undershirts.

2. They say the process of canonization doesn’t make a saint. It only recognizes what God has already done. Well, it certainly made this T-shirt obsolete.

3. I saw this shirt online and I couldn’t resist. I wish I had known it would only make sense for a grand total of two months.

4. It’s not like I have a ton of shirts.

5. I wish this shirt were still true. Then I could wear it without looking like a complete moron.

6. Pope Francis truly fucked me on this one.

7. Guess I can only wear this one to bed now.