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7 Puffins With Minimal Interruption From The National Council On Pediatric Dentistry

Puffins are basically the cutest thing on the planet, and we’re happy to present them to you with only brief commercial breaks from the National Council on Pediatric Dentistry.

1. So puffins are pretty much just little feathery bundles of pure adorable.

2. Puffins know they are literally perfect.

3. “Oh hai. I am ready for my close-up.”

4. The puffins will resume after this ad.

5. Puffins live in huge island colonies, so they can hang out with all their friends. Jealous!

6. We have to take another quick ad break for the National Council on Pediatric Dentistry, but don’t worry, there are plenty more puffins coming right up!

7. We hope you don’t find this handful of ads too obtrusive. Advertisements are really the bread and butter for web publishers, and we assure you that the National Council on Pediatric Dentistry had no influence over the editorial content of this list.

8. A puffin’s favorite food is fish, but they also eat other sea creatures like small crustaceans and mollusks. Nom nom nom!

9. The puffin fact in the previous list item was the Brushin’ Up Fact of the Day brought to you by the National Council on Pediatric Dentistry. We thank them for their support.

10. Look at that face! Yup, we’re officially obsessed with puffins.