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7 Reasons You Need A New Car—And Fast

It’s summer travel season, and you’re still driving around that old car of yours. Get your act together, read this list, buy a new Ford, and thank us later.

1. More storage space: A new vehicle will have a lot more storage space, so you can keep things in it like luggage, sports equipment, or even fellow passengers.

2. New features galore: You’d be amazed at all of the variety in cars these days. There are models that come in “fully functional,” “can drive faster than 30 mph,” and “red.”

3. Safety upgrades: It’s simply not safe to operate a vehicle that just has a dozen completely unmoored wooden stools drifting around in the car. Having actual seats in place of sliding stools will feel confining at first, but it’s time to just get it over with and invest in a new car.

4. Ditch the clunkiness: A new car may come with automatic locks, so at last you may be able to say a bittersweet goodbye to that ring of heavy copper keys and padlocks you’ve been carrying around all these years.

5. Starting from scratch: Listen, we all know you’ve had a good run with your current ride, and that’s cool. But when your odometer reads out in scientific notation, it’s just time to move on.

6. All kinds of perks: A brand new car would have a more advanced sound system, which means you can finally stop paying all of the members of the St. Louis Symphony orchestra to sit in your backseat.

7. Reliability: It isn’t too big a deal when you lose air in one tire, but when the entire car deflates and becomes a soft, flat mess in the middle of the highway? Well, it’s probably time to leave it behind.

Sick of having St. Louis Symphony conductor David Robertson as a backseat driver? Learn more about your next car here.

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