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7 Reliable Ways To Get Inside

You’ve got to know how to get inside when you want to. Here are seven tried-and-true methods.

Double-check: You may not have realized that you are already inside. Much of the world is inside, so your chances of already being inside at any given moment are pretty high. Stop, look, and listen: Double-checking is a simple step, but it’ll save you a lot of time and effort if you’re already inside!

Build around yourself: The most surefire method of all is to take matters into your own hands and get inside by building a room around yourself. Although it’s more time-consuming and labor-intensive than some other ways to get inside, the results speak for themselves.

Doors: Like walls, a door separates two areas, but unlike walls, a door can get you inside. Not every door will work, but many will, and it doesn’t hurt to try! To get inside using a door, touch it with your hand and step forward. When it comes to getting inside, doors are one of your best bets.

Call 911: Here’s an underused but ingenious hack: A quick 911 call is one of the most foolproof, no-stress ways to get inside! Simply call and provide your current location; a car or truck will show up, and uniformed men and women will ferry you to a building, where you’ll be inside. It’s that easy.

Ask around: A way to get inside may not present itself. In such cases, your best bet is to check in with those around you. They may know routes and approaches you haven’t considered. Don’t be shy! At worst, they’ll just give a polite “I don’t know.” Be sure to lead with an unambiguous “I need to be inside” or “Get me into any kind of room” so you can quickly and easily set yourself on a straight path to inside.

Check below you for holes: If the best way to get inside isn’t in front of you, it may be under you. Whether in a roof or the ground, holes will almost always lead to inside, making them an excellent option—provided they’re large enough to fit through. When using a hole to get inside, be aware that the new floor might be some distance away, so do approach with care.

Keep moving: No matter how close you are, you’re not going to get inside if you’re standing still! That’s because movement is the cornerstone of any attempt at getting inside. If you’re outside, just keep moving, and remember to stop the instant you notice that you’re inside.