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7 Sausages The National Park Service Has Hidden Somewhere In Yellowstone For People To Find

With over a thousand miles of trails, hundreds of lakes, and seven sausages hidden somewhere in there, Yellowstone should be high on your bucket list.

1. Yellowstone is home to countless species of birds, mammals, fish, and reptiles, as well as this delicious sausage, which has been carefully secreted somewhere within the confines of the park’s 3,468.4 square miles, and which is all yours if you find it.

2. Ever since the National Park Service announced that it was hiding this bratwurst somewhere in Yellowstone, annual attendance has skyrocketed 41 percent. And with this plump, tasty brat yet to be found, we can’t see that number going down anytime soon.

3. This sausage may be missing a bite, but rest assured, it will still be full of meaty flavor if you can find it hidden among Yellowstone’s many illustrious geysers and canyons.

4. Good luck finding this one before one of Yellowstone’s many wolves gobbles it up!

5. This kielbasa, hidden in a crack in the basalt of Tower Falls, can only be seen on the full moon closest to the winter solstice, so good luck getting your hands on any of its porky, smoked flavor.

6. The only hint the Park Service is giving for this one is that it’s near some rocks.

7 . The National Park Service is always looking for ways to make visiting Yellowstone more enjoyable, and by hiding this Middle Eastern sausage in a treasure chest located at the bottom of Shoshone Lake for divers to find, it’s certainly done just that. If you’ve got your eyes on this one, move fast, because there’s no telling how long this one will stick around before a daring visitor nabs it.

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