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7 Things You Absolutely Need To Pack For College

Packing for your freshman year at college can be intimidating, but you’ll be off to a solid start as long as you remember these essentials.

1. Refrigerator

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Trust us, you are NOT going to want to eat in the dorm cafeteria every day. Your fridge is gonna be a lifesaver on campus—but whether you fill it with healthy snacks or leftover pizza is up to you!

2. Washer & Dryer

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Nobody likes the smelly guy on campus. Between messy late-night partying and sweaty sprints to class the next morning, you’re gonna need to pack a reliable washer/dryer combo to keep things fresh.

3. Grandfather Clock

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Maybe this way you won’t be late to EVERY class.

4. Spare Truck Tires

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Whether it’s a weekend trip to clear your head or a quick run to Costco for toilet paper, getting off campus every once in a while will be a must. You’ll want at least one or two extra sets of high-quality truck tires with an A or AA traction rating.

5. Classical Harp

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There’s no quicker way to attract new friends and up your social status than by dragging this baby out on the quad for an impromptu jam session.

6. Massive Limestone Cube

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You never know!

7. Your Parents

The two absolute must-haves for your first year away from home. Your parents can help you cook, clean, remain on task, and stay away from negative influences—the recipe for college success. Have fun, and don’t study TOO hard!