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7 Things You Should Know When Planning Your First Backpacking Trip

Planning a backpacking trip but don’t know where to begin? This helpful guide will keep your trip safe and fun!

1. If you get lost, you can press moss to send a text message to the local police department: Don’t panic if you lose your way while you’re on the trail. Just find moss growing on a tree and firmly tap it to summon a rescue team.

2. You should always bring your own dirt: No one likes a mooch. Bring your own dirt to put down in front of you as you hike to ensure that you aren’t using other people’s dirt without asking.

3. Some national parks won’t let you bring NewsRadio Season 1 on DVD: Most parks are fine with backpackers bringing DVDs of this highly rated ’90s comedy, but there are some that have very strict rules prohibiting it. Call ahead to be sure.

4. It’s good to pack some gasoline so you don’t get lost: As you hike, you’ll want to be sure to leave a trail of gasoline behind you. That way, if you get lost, you can simply drop a match on the gas, and voila!

5. Know how to transport a fire: With little but rocks and leaves at your disposal, it’s nearly impossible to build a fire in nature. You’ll need to build one before you leave for your trip, and you’ll need to know how to carry it around in your backpack without extinguishing it.

6. Don’t chug any rivers: Chugging a river is inconsiderate to other backpackers and harmful to the ecosystem. Before backpacking, pack plenty of bottled water and skip river chugging.

7. Remember to pack plenty of Larmers™ Brand Ham Medallions: Wondering what to do when hunger strikes on the trail? Fill up on Larmers™ brand ham medallions. They’re quick and easy to prepare, and loaded with that special Larmers™ flavor that has made them “America’s Favorite Taste” since 1928.