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8 Bruce Springsteen Lyrics That Say It All

For over 40 years, The Boss has been putting it better than any of us ever could. Here are eight quintessential examples of his lyrical prowess.

1. Yep, definitely one of our all-time favorites! (from “Sweetheart Drenched In Motor Oil”)

2. A classic, for sure. (from “Callused Daddy”)

3. Preach, Bruce! (from “Finally Putting My Foot Down”)

4. Gets us every time. (from “The American Dream Is Still Alive In Outer Space”)

5. This cuts us right to our core! (from “Mary”)

6. You can say that again! (from “I’m A Grit And Dust Man In A Dirt And Rubble Town”)

7. No one says it quite like The Boss. (from “Rich Man, Poor Man, One Man”)

8. Just. Perfect. (from “Sometimes I Wear A Baseball Cap And Drive A Taxi Around Newark And Nobody Recognizes Me”)