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8 Celebrity Has-Beens Who Came Closer To Their Dreams Than You Ever Will

Any career in show business will have its ups and downs. Time, unfortunately, is not always kind to our favorite entertainers. Here are eight washed-up celebrity has-beens who still came far closer to their dreams than you ever will.

1. Brendan Fraser

Things seem to have dried up a bit for Brendan Fraser in recent years, but even still, the actor can look at himself knowing that he was once part of the multibillion-dollar Mummy franchise and has left a larger mark on the world than you ever will.

2. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

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What did you want to be when you grew up? Despite it all, Jonathan Taylor Thomas can say he made his dreams come true. We may only know him as the kid from Home Improvement, but when he said he wanted to be an actor, he actually followed through with it. You don’t have half his ambition.

3. Val Kilmer

While former household name Val Kilmer has hit something of a rut since his starring role in 1995’s Batman Forever, he remains a working actor making a living from his craft. Even today, he seems happy and satisfied. Can you say that you’re happy and satisfied?

4. Selma Blair

Look, Selma Blair may not be getting much work after her film heyday over 10 years ago, but she was in a number of incredibly successful movies, ranging from Cruel Intentions to the blockbuster Hellboy franchise. It’s not like you can wake up every morning knowing that, for a time, you were exactly where you always wanted to be.

5. Lil’ Kim

Yes, Lil’ Kim’s time as a widely recognized musical performer is over. But she’s fine and seemingly happy. She set out to do something, and, for a while, she got it done. You’ve never once taken that kind of risk.

6. George Michael

George Michael will probably never be a bankable star again. And yet, with songs like “Faith” and “Careless Whisper,” he brought hours of entertainment to millions of people around the world. Can you say you’ve ever done anything that compares to that?

7. Tara Reid

Tara Reid has seen better days, career-wise. Even still, she followed her dreams, and it worked out for a time. There are more people who recognize her face from her numerous film and TV credits than you will ever meet.

8. Renée Zellweger

It’s easy to be hard on Renée Zellweger. She disappeared from the public eye almost entirely after her run as Bridget Jones and her performance in the ’90s-defining Jerry Maguire. Even so, her performances will live on forever. Will anything you ever do live on forever?