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8 Centenarians Share Their Secrets To Longevity

How did they make it to 100? These incredible centenarians tell us in their own words.

1. Ileana Pulaski, 104

“I left a note for myself every day reminding myself to live to age 100.”

2. Iain Adebayo, 101

“I always take the stairs. Then I go back down and take the elevator. I do both things.”

3. Margaret Nguyen, 105

“It’s a small device that, well—have you seen Cronos? It’s that thing. And if you haven’t seen Cronos, do yourself a favor and go see Cronos. It’s vintage del Toro. Not to be missed.”

4. Lois Kasher, 102

“Every day, I eat a Big Mac, drink a Dr. Pepper, and smoke a pack of Marlboro Reds. Then at the end of the day, I shoot myself in the head. I can’t die. I don’t know why this is happening. Please help me.”

5. Reggie Mackenhauer, 100

“I played it safe. All my life, I always played it safe. Never took a risk. Not even once. You say I’ve lived a long life, but have I really lived it? No. I let the whole thing pass me by. Like a cowardly fool. I never even did a boner. Not a single one! What a waste of a life.”

6. Eddie Romps, 103

“I signed a contract saying I’d make it to at least 110. So, barring some sort of act of God, I’m pretty much locked into that.”

7. Greta Dibelle, 102

“I eat a glass of red wine every night.”

8. Janette Clarendon, 109

“The truth is that there isn’t any secret to longevity. It’s just about taking good care of yourself by staying active, killing all of the assassins, and eating healthy. You do that, and who knows? You might live as long as I have!”