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8 Dogs Who Came Up Just Short Of Completing All Of ‘The Sopranos’

Absolutely heartbreaking.

1. Eddie

Eddie knew how to fetch, roll over, shake hands, and bark on command. But he couldn’t figure out how to live a few months longer. For Eddie, the Sopranos finale came in season six, episode four.

2. Ben

Ben was a loyal viewer since the premiere on January 10, 1999. He died a peaceful death at 12 years old, right in the middle of season three. Ben loved watching Tony’s crimes; this pooch’s only one was being born too early.

3. Maggie

Nothing could be sadder than the season four finale, when an angry and heartbroken Carmela finally confronts Tony about his infidelity, but Maggie’s sudden onset hip dysplasia sure comes close.

4. Lady

Unaware of her impending demise, Lady made the tragic mistake of choosing to watch the final episode of Sex And The City instead of the final episode of The Sopranos.

5. Bailey

Pit bulls are tough. John Sacrimoni was tough. Maybe it’s best for Bailey that she succumbed to lung cancer before she had to see Johnny Sack do the same.

6. Daisy

Hours before the premiere of season six, tragedy struck, as Daisy was found unresponsive in her family’s master bedroom. Was it a mob hit? No. But is it devastating that she never got to see what happened to Tony and the rest of the DiMeo crime family? You bet it is.

7. Bella

As an Italian greyhound, Bella never made up her mind about whether The Sopranos was a respectful portrait of Italian-American life or a perpetuation of harmful stereotypes. In fact, the only thing Bella really ever made up her mind about was licking up antifreeze in the garage between seasons 6A and 6B.

8. Nala

Yeah, Nala was pretty much gone halfway through episode one.

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