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8 Game-Changing Keyboard Shortcuts You Need To Be Using

If you’re sitting at your computer as often as the rest of America, you’ve probably got your share of keyboard shortcuts that make your life easier. Well, here’s a few lesser-known keyboard shortcuts that will blow your mind!

Command + H + 5: Preheats your laptop to 350 degrees.

CTRL + Shift + (Letters Of Your Name): Introduce self to computer.

CTRL + O: Opens every website you’ve ever visited.

Shift + Up Arrow: Capital up.

Command + X: Sends a thousand emails to a guy named Don who does not know why this keeps happening to him.

Shift + H + H + H + H + H + H + H + H + H+ H + H + H + H + H + H: Gives you a fuck-ton of uppercase H’s. Nice!

All Keys At Once: Pressing every button simultaneously opens a video chat with the president. Only use this keyboard shortcut in times of great national importance.

ALT + F3 + Delete: Ends simulation and returns you to the 29th century.