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8 Inspiring Quotes For People Who Really Want To Become Marketing Consultants Working Primarily In The Orthodontics Industry

Let these words take you to the next level.

1. “It takes just one focused branding effort to change the standard bonding compound used by an entire industry.” —Elizabeth Nguyen, senior marketing associate at American Orthodontics

2. “Without an effective client engagement strategy, Invisalign might as well have been a tree falling in the forest.” —Ryan Nelson, communications director for Invisalign

3. “Every corrected underbite began with a phone call from a wholesale polymer supply rep to one of their clients. Never forget that.” —Unknown

4. “Many folks told me it was crazy to market Invisalign direct to consumers. They told me to give up. Those same folks are now working in ophthalmology.” —Peter Williams, director of sales for Invisalign

5. “There will be good days and there will be bad days. But as long as you never lose sight of the fact that behind every orthodontist is the wholesale rep who educated them about the latest retainer-molding composites, you will succeed.” —Monica Edelstein, associate marketing representative at Great Lakes Orthodontics

6. “It doesn’t matter if the braces are metal, ceramic, or lingual—they need someone to effectively build product awareness among the target customer base.” —Lisa Kindler, founder of Kindler Marketing, LLC

7. “I’m turning 84 years old next month. People ask me why I’m still working on practitioner information brochures instead of lying on a beach somewhere. I tell them, ‘I‘ll retire the day orthodontists no longer need to update their X-ray imaging hardware.’” —Charles Rothermel, vice president of marketing at Masel Orthodontics

8. “Anyone who ever worked on the 2007 Invisalign TV campaign started off writing copy for a bracket and wire wholesaler just like everyone else.” —Fred Keller, Invisalign vice president of marketing and public relations