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8 Laundry Hacks You Have To Start Using

Is it really laundry day already? Here are eight tricks guaranteed to take your washing and drying game to the next level.

1. Write the date on all of your towels before you wash them: If the dates match up when the load is finished, you can rest assured they are your current towels.

2. Smack your clothes along the side of the wall to get any remaining birds out of it: The simple act of removing any birds before starting your load can expand the life of a washing machine by five years.

3. To prevent socks from getting lost, nail them to the wall before placing them in the machine.

4. There’s probably a baking soda thing: baking soda. This stuff is so amazing that there’s almost certainly something you can do to your laundry with it. Whitening, pretreating, softening, stain removal… one of those laundry things is extremely likely to be a thing baking soda does better than other things that are not baking soda. Not to mention the fact that baking soda is probably 100 percent natural. There’s undoubtedly some person who swears by baking soda whenever they do laundry.

5. Spit into the soap dispenser when you add the fabric softener: It adds a little spit to your clothes.

6. If you insert an extra quarter in a washing machine already being used, it’s your laundry now: This is a little-known secret called the “risk of the bid.” If the laundry’s owner doesn’t outbid you by the time their wash cycle is done, you are the laundry’s new owner.

7. Throw a few mannequin hands in the dryer: A 0.07 percent chance that the loose mannequin hands will fold your laundry as it dries is still a chance, but check periodically, because some of them melt.

8. Run over your laundry with a clean car: If your car is clean, using it to run over your dirty clothes is a simple way to have clean laundry in a snap.