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8 Marsupials We’re Just Going To Throw Out Unless Bindi Irwin Wants Them

These wonders from Down Under have got to go.

1. We’re done with this kangaroo. There’s nothing wrong with it, though, if Bindi Irwin would like to take it off our hands.

2. Bindi, let us know when you’re coming to pick up this wombat, because otherwise it’s going right in the trash.

3. We assume that Bindi Irwin already owns a sugar glider, but maybe she’d like another one. There’s no need to pay us anything. We just don’t want a perfectly fine marsupial going to waste.

4. Turns out we only needed one wallaby. The other one is up for grabs, and Bindi would be foolish to pass it up, because it’s a solid wallaby and we’ve barely even used it.

5. She shouldn’t feel guilty about taking this Tasmanian devil. We have plenty more where that came from. Honestly, Bindi, you’d be doing us a favor.

6. Not going to lie, this bandicoot has seen better days. Bindi can have it if she wants, but personally, we think it belongs in the dump.

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7. We’re free pretty much anytime she wants to come get this quokka. Ideally, it’d be this week, because we really need the space. Bindi has until next Tuesday, and then we’re tossing it.

8. Okay, Bindi, we left these koalas on the curb. They’re there if you want them!

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