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8 Poorly Cropped Photos Of Lotion Bottles Because I Want To Get Fired

I hate this job and I don’t want to do it anymore. Fingers crossed that my boss hates this list of shitty lotion pictures and kicks my ass to the curb.

1. Lotion

Been making these dumb fucking lists every day for years. I’m over it. 

2. Lotion

Every day, I show up and spend nine pointless hours making lists of pictures for morons to look at. That’s it. That’s my entire job.

3. Lotion

Digital media is a dying industry. No future here. Time to ditch this internet shit and do something less embarrassing.

4. Lotion

Can’t get severance if I quit on my own, though. Gotta pull little stunts like this till they get fed up and shitcan me.  

5. Lotion

Not including an image credit here so that maybe Fox will sic its copyright lawyers on us and I’ll get fired for my negligence. You might think I’m joking, but we get hit with lawsuits for shit like this all the time. That’s how stupid digital media is. You get sued for posting a picture of a TV show but not specifying what channel it was on in tiny italicized text underneath.

This is a screenshot from the episode of The OC I’m currently watching. Not watching on headphones either, just blasting it loud as hell in the office right now.

6. Lotion

Recognize this lotion? Yeah it was picture #2. None of this fucking matters.

7. Lotion

“This awesome lotion is sure to make dry skin a thing of the past. Can we get a yass queen?”

That’s the kind of pig-brained shit I have to write all the time. Just so insanely dumb, truly can’t believe people actually like this shit. I’m fucking DONE

8. Last lotion

No pic this time. If I have to crop one more picture I will kill myself. I will rip my head off and punt it into the setting sun. For the love of God, please, someone fire me. I am wasting my life, and if you’re reading this, so are you.