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8 Things That Only People From Your State Understand

To you, your state is home, sweet home—but visitors understandably have a whole bunch of questions. Here are some quirks about your state that are almost impossible to explain to outsiders!

1. The Weather Is Insane

Let’s just say the weather in your state can be unpredictable. How many times have you found yourself wishing you’d left the house wearing more appropriate clothing? Talk about schizophrenic!

2. People Are SERIOUS About Sports

One thing that’s certain about people in your state: They live and breathe sports. Be careful though—these teams are bound to break your heart. Sure, every few years one of them might pull off an amazing season, but brace yourself for a lot of disappointment.

3. Get Ready To Take Politicians With A Grain Of Salt

Your state has a history with politicians talking out of both sides of their mouths. But hey, that’s just the way you do things there! After a while, you get used to it.

4. Two Words: Local. Sandwiches.

DROOL. Local sandwich variations might be different than the ones they have in other states, but all it takes is one bite to know that in your state, you’ve perfected the art of sandwiching.

5. Can You Repeat That?

Outsiders might have trouble understanding the accent. Prepare to hear, “Where are you from?” every time you travel.

6. The Mall

Everyone goes there—EVERYONE. Whether every weekend to hang out and catch a movie, or once a year for Christmas shopping or to grab something at the Apple store. There’s no getting around it.

7. “Did You See Breaking Bad?”

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Sure, the hype has died down, but at the time, it seemed like this was the only show anyone in your state was talking about.

8. Unleash The Weirdos

Let’s face it: Your state has its share of totally bizarre people. From weird pets, to weird cars, to crazy conspiracy theories and religious views, there’s no other place like it on earth. But would you really have it any other way?