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8 Ways To Make Sure Your Super Bowl Party Is Inclusive Of All Snack Beliefs

A good party host is prepared for anything at all, including their most sensitive guests’ needs. Aside from keeping hot, fresh pizza on hand, here are some tips on how to ensure your Super Bowl party is mindful of every guest’s individual snacking beliefs.

1. Get a head start by knowing your guests’ preferences: When you send out invitations, make sure you ask whether your guests would be insulted by off-brand salsa.

2. Above all else, be patient! If you have a friend ranting about how wraps shouldn’t exist because it’s inhumane to pack food into such a tight space, hear them out. They’ll feel so much better once they realize they have a friend who listens, who really listens.

3. Be sure to include both bagged chips and chips in bowls for guests of either creed.

4. Avoid conflict before your party starts by seating the celery loyalists far apart from the carrot loyalists.

5. Just remember: Nobody’s view on sour cream is the “right” one. Everyone’s sour cream views can coexist peacefully.

6. Get a stack ready for the food-heightists: Make sure you have a 5’10” tower of pepperoni on hand for the person who only eats foods as tall as they are.

7. Snack beliefs can be divisive at any social gathering. If you sense tensions rising, simply bring out the pizza. Pizza is the world’s greatest unifying element, as proven by its astonishing run of four Nobel Peace Prizes between 1961 and 1964.

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8. Be conscientious of the fact that while some guests might prefer a bathtub full of spinach and artichoke dip set out next to the couch, others just like it in a bowl near some chips.

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