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9 Armpits We’re Sorry We Drew Faces On In Order To Make It Look Like They’re Vomiting Hair

Apologies in advance for the following.

1. So, drawing a face on this armpit in order to make it look like it’s vomiting hair seemed like a good idea at some point, but seeing it all laid out here on the site, it’s clear that it was a misfire. We dropped the ball with this one.

2. The same goes for this armpit. Very, very sorry. Wow, this is embarrassing.

3. For some reason, we thought seeing this armpit made to look like a face vomiting hair would be fun and playful. We were wrong.

4. It’s not even that it’s offensive or anything. It’s just not good. It’s so not good.

5. The thing is, we were just having a ball taking all the pictures and it got away from us. We lost perspective, and now it’s up on the internet where everyone can see it.

6. Oh, God. Just scroll all the way down, okay? Let’s keep the humiliation pretty short.

7. Just to be clear, we are NOT proud of this.

8. And we’re sorry.

9. Jesus Christ.