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9 Breathtaking Photos Of Nature With A Generous Helping Of Those Red-Assed Monkeys

The majesty of nature is awe-inspiring, and don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of those monkeys with the giant red asses.

1. We’re not going to leave you hanging, wondering when the swollen red asses are going to show up. Here’s one monkey ass to start this list of beautiful nature photos off right.

2. Elsewhere in nature, the blue whale is the largest animal in Earth’s history, even bigger than the dinosaurs! And if you think we blew our entire red-assed money wad on that first one, then you are seriously mistaken.

3. The Alaskan wood frog has the amazing ability to freeze in winter and thaw itself out when the weather gets warm again. It sounds like something out of science fiction, and while it isn’t a hulking red monkey ass, it’s still an impressive example of the power of evolution.

4. No way we’d skimp on monkeys with bulbous red buttocks. That’s not how we treat our readers. When we promise inflamed red monkey asses, we deliver in spades. Feast your eyes on these remarkable specimens.

5. More monkeys with beacon-like red asses are coming up, but in the meantime here is the hummingbird moth. At first glance, you’d mistake it for a bird, but it’s actually an insect that happens to look like a hummingbird, which is pretty cool if you think about it.

6. Once again, it’s time to behold red monkey ass, and this time there’s a whole gaggle of monkeys with blindingly bright asses. But this isn’t the end of the red assfest, no siree. This we promise.

7. Chimpanzees are our closest cousins in nature, with an almost human-like intelligence. They sadly were not blessed with a bright-red ass but are smart enough to use simple tools like sticks to catch termites. You can’t help but wonder about humanity’s place in nature when you see a creature so similar to us.

8. We’ve got a real showstopper of a red ass on deck, but first let’s do our due diligence and check out the Galápagos tortoise. It can live over 170 years. Incredible.

9. Here we go! This monkey has a truly huge red ass, much bigger and redder than any ass we’ve seen before. We are fortunate to share a planet with a bloated red miracle as beautiful as this monkey’s breathtaking ass. Red monkey asses are nature at its finest, and we hope you’ve had your fill of them.