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9 Laundry Room Moves That Make You A Jerk Unless You Have A Pretty Good Reason

We’ve all been there: You’re doing laundry, and suddenly, some inconsiderate idiot comes into the room and throws everything off-kilter. Here are a couple of moves that will make you the laundry room jerk, unless, of course, you have a pretty decent reason for why you’re acting the way you are.

1. Not carefully checking for rogue socks after you’ve done your drying is pretty inconsiderate. Unless, of course, you know the person using the dryer after you collects socks to stuff decorative pillows. In that case, it’s downright polite.

2. Don’t wait to do laundry and then hog all of the machines at once. That said, if you’re planning on running away from the demons in your current life and starting fresh in a new city, there’s probably no other way to do it.

3. Never, ever take the liberty of using someone else’s laundry detergent when they’re not around. (Note: this rule does not apply to those who used up all their own detergent voluntarily cleaning a massive oil spill off the freeway.)

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4. Moving a stranger’s clothes from the washer to the dryer is a completely unacceptable thing to do in a civilized society. That said, if someone was moving the clothes around because they saw a baby bird flailing about in the dryer, that’d be hard not to forgive.

5. It’s pretty lame to ask someone to borrow a quarter and completely unacceptable to ask to borrow more than one. Unless, of course, you don’t have any quarters because the president needed them to avoid a government default and you gave them to him.

6. Using someone else’s dryer sheets is certainly an egregious laundry room faux pas, but it’s pretty hard not to forgive someone in a rush to deactivate a remote explosive device attached somewhere along a foreign diplomat’s motorcade.

7. Putting too much soap in the washer can cause a mess and require hundreds of dollars in repairs. Never overdo it with soap—not unless you’re actually planning a unique bubble bath for your kids, that is. That’d be a pretty cool thing to do as a mom or dad and surely something your kids would remember for a lifetime.

8. Don’t use your communal laundry room as a place to hang all your drying clothes. Of course, if you can’t use your own apartment because you converted it into a coastal habitat to keep one of the world’s last Hawksbill sea turtles alive, you should probably get a pass.

9. The only good reason for not cleaning a lint trap is if you’re using it to collect DNA evidence to exonerate a man on death row. If you’re doing that, by all means, leave the lint in there.

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