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9 Most Useless Contributions To Our Housewarming Party

We’re never hosting another party again.

1. This thing of salsa is half-empty. Who thought that was okay?

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2. Of course Meredith brought kale chips. Did anyone else even touch these things?

3. Can’t wait to have these two bottles of strawberry iced tea sit untouched in the pantry for the rest of our lives. Thanks, Clayton.

4. This plate of baby carrots is worse than nothing.

5. I swear to God, Taylor brings a plate of dates to every housewarming party I’ve ever seen him at. What’s wrong with him?

6. Real cool of David to splurge on these Ritz crackers. When he hosted game night last week, we brought a $30 bottle of wine.

7. Blue tortilla chips? Who the fuck wants their chips to be blue?

8. What beer is this? We’ve never seen this beer, ever.

9. Are you fucking kidding me, Alison?