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9 Photos That Prove Spiders Can Be Cute When They’re Not Eating Your Dog

Goodbye arachnophobia, hello cuteness!

Check out THIS thing, an adorable jumping spider who is way too cute for words, provided he’s not devouring a dog:

As long as Giovanni, my beautiful Italian greyhound, isn’t writhing around in their massive webs, these furry, fuzzy darlings are the gosh darn BEST!

Yup! They’ll melt your heart if their venom isn’t slowly paralyzing your 14-year-old retired racer!

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When you just give them a chance and they’re not murdering your dog, these guys really aren’t so bad.

Too. Cute. Provided. Thousands. Of. Them. Aren’t. Dragging. Your. Dog. Into. Their. Dark. Nest!

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By now, hopefully your fear of spiders has been permanently cured.

Because, really, how could anyone whose dog is safe from spiders stay mad at this?


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