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9 Stress-Relieving Mantras For People Trapped In A Wine Cask

Whenever being entombed in a wine cask starts to fray your nerves, simply recite these soothing phrases to yourself.

1. “My barrel does not define me.”

You may be sealed in a wine cask, but you are not just sealed in a wine cask. You are a multifaceted person full of unique hopes and dreams, and being imprisoned in a barrel within an abandoned wine cellar is only one aspect of your life.

2. “I enjoy the smell of wine.”

Focus on the positives of being trapped in a wine cask, not the negatives.

3. “Every air hole is a blessing.”

Imagine how much worse things could be if there weren’t any air holes! Take comfort in your good fortune.

4. “This is just a cramped vacation.”

Whether you’re lying on a sunny beach or crouching in a dark barrel, the important thing is that this is a welcome respite from the daily grind. You have no work and no responsibilities in the wine cask, so relax!

5. “It is not my fault I am trapped in a barrel. I was deceived by the viscount.”

Don’t blame yourself. Some things are simply out of your control.

6. “I will be strong like the wood of my barrel.”

If a musty, decades-old barrel can withstand your scrabbling fingernails, just imagine what you can accomplish.

7. “The rats have not bitten my _____.”

Sure, it’s a drag that rats can squeeze through the barrel’s air holes and bite you. But instead of dwelling on what parts of your body the rats have bitten, give thanks for all the things the rats haven’t bitten.

8. “The brick wall isn’t finished yet.”

Perhaps your captor has yet to apply that final brick and seal up the wine cellar forever. That’s something to smile about.

9. “The brick wall is finished, and that’s okay.”

It may seem like you’ve reached rock bottom, but look on the bright side: Now, life can only get better. Contemplate that, and your stress will be a thing of the past! Never forget that you are amazing!