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9 Things Only People Who Went To Sleepaway Camp Will Understand

School’s out! So it’s time to think about all those memories from sleepaway camp. Here are a few things you’d only get if you spent your summers at camp.

1. There is a sorrow to the sound of bodies in the lake. 

2. The pines have memories, nightmares of some deep, cosmic trauma.

3. The lanyards can feel us twisting them. They know we want to hurt them. 

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4. The forest is a prison. We are all its prisoners. 

5. You can hear the longing in the leaves. A silent song of death. 

6. Beneath the soil, a heart is beating.       

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7. Where has our CIT gone? He is lost now to the wild. We are all lost to the wild. 

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8. The wind smells of something rotten. The burning stench of smokeless fire. 

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9. What happened here, no one must ever know.

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