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9 Things People Who Love Tennis But Hate When The Players Hit The Ball Will Understand

Anyone who loves tennis but hates when the players hit the ball will definitely know what we’re talking about!

1. The cautious optimism you feel as you approach the tennis stadium, thinking that today might just be the day that the players finally do not hit the ball.

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2. Getting super excited when the players come out onto the court for the first time to stretch, never hitting a ball at any point.

The Simpsons via

3. That moment of anticipation when the match begins, and a player tosses the ball up in the air, and you think, it could happen; it might actually happen…

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4. …but being completely crushed when they decide to hit the ball with their racket and you realize that this will just be like all the other tennis matches.

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5. Getting fed up and screaming, “Stop hitting it, you fuckin’ animals! Stop it!” and getting shushed by people who just. Don’t. Get. It.


6. Noticing someone else in the crowd who looks distraught and thinking that maybe they also dislike when tennis players hit the tennis ball.

7. Feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally drained after watching the ball get hit back and forth for hours but still mustering up the strength to applaud when the match is over because that means the ball will stop being hit.


8. Leaving the tennis stadium and feeling hopeful that maybe, just maybe, the next tennis match you go to will finally be the one where nobody hits the ball.


9. Treating yourself after a long day of watching people do the thing you hate by going to the park with your own personal tennis racket and tennis ball, sitting down in the middle of the tennis court, watching the sunset, and then going home, never hitting the ball once.