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A Christmas Miracle: The 3 Ways Baby Jesus Immediately Asserted His Dominance After He Was Born To Prove He Was The Son Of God

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s easy to forget why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. This time of year is a chance to reflect on that blessed day in Bethlehem many years ago, when Jesus was born in a manger and then immediately established his sovereignty through a series of alpha moves. Here are the three ways baby Jesus asserted his dominance after he was born to prove he was the Son of God.

1. When he demanded Joseph fetch him wine the second his head came out of Mary

If you grew up going to Christmas services at church, you’re undoubtedly familiar with this special moment from the Christmas story that took place just as Jesus was crowning, when he opened his eyes for the first time and then stared directly at Joseph before ordering him to go get him some wine.

As it’s written in the first chapter of Matthew:

“And as the child first appeared from the womb, he turned his gaze upon Joseph and said in a man’s voice, ‘Just as you were cuckolded by my Father in Heaven, so shall I delight in your weakness. Go, coward, and bring to me your best wine so that I may drink deeply and rejoice in my own arrival, for I am the Messiah and you are a virgin.’ And at the child’s word, a chorus of ten-thousand trumpets sounded in Heaven as Joseph, like a beaten slave, retreated fearfully and fetched his finest wineskin, which the newborn Savior then did empty in one great gulp before emerging fully from his mother’s womb and tumbling into the manger that Joseph had until then been sitting upon as a chair, leaving Joseph to stand on his weary feet.”

Wow—what a truly beautiful scene, and one we should all keep in our hearts as we celebrate Christmas this year.

2. When he took off his swaddling clothes and rubbed the wise men’s myrrh all over his naked infant body, forcing everyone to watch

As we give presents to our loved ones this Christmas, it’s good to reflect on the very first time Christmas presents were ever given, as detailed in this remarkable exchange between Jesus and the gift-bearing wise men in Luke 2:4-6:

“The Wise Men saw the young child with Mary his mother and presented unto him gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh, and the child shook each of their hands with a powerful grip and then became naked in their presence. The child then poured the myrrh upon his nakedness and commanded the men to worship him as he lathered all his parts. And when one of the Wise Men momentarily looked away, Jesus snapped his finger and made him lame as a warning to the others to not avert their gaze. Then the child asked the Wise Men, ‘Does my body look competition-ready to you?’ and the Wise Men agreed that it did, far more so than Joseph’s body, which was a bad one. The Wise Men then left and traveled through the nations, heralding the arrival of the new top-dog king.”

3. When he body-slammed a camel onto his own manger to prove that he was physically strong, too

As often depicted in Nativity scenes, Jesus’s humbling of a camel is without a doubt one of the most memorable parts of the Christmas story. From Matthew 2:12-16:

“…Jesus saw the camel chewing of its cud and said, ‘This is worst horse I have ever seen. We cannot have this.’ He then raised the beast high over his head and walked around with it for some time before throwing it down with tremendous force upon the manger, which burst into a great terror of splinters that flew in all conceivable directions, wounding Joseph and Joseph only. And lo, the broken-bodied camel did moan and die as the newborn Messiah did push-ups atop it, showing to all of mankind that he was strong and worthy of praise. Joseph then approached the child, who was still in his nakedness, and tried to dress him with swaddling clothes. Jesus did not enjoy this, and he withered Joseph’s fingers until they were small so he could not fasten the swaddling clothes, and because of this, Joseph could never practice carpentry ever again. The child then departed from the stable, saying he had plans, and strutted away naked down the road to Jerusalem, whistling beautifully into the night.”

Amazing. And this, folks, is what Christmas is all about.