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Absolute Scum Of The Earth: Use The Sliders To Flip Off These Deer

Deer. They are just the worst fucking animals. Truly pointless creatures. Put these dumbasses in their place by flipping them the bird. 

Ew, look at this. A whole fucking swarm of them. Just standing around, ruining the woods for everyone. Disgusting. Flip them off. Let them know they’re not welcome.

All they do is stare vacantly and get hit by minivans. That’s literally it. Their favorite food is “Christmas tree left on the street after the holidays”. Offer these morons the one-finger salute and pray that they get caught in a soccer net and starve.

Hey. Over here. Get bent, you trash-eating fuck. 

Oh, HELL no. Absolutely not. Get this thing out of here. He cannot just stand here screaming on our website. Tell him to fuck off forever.

Like, what the hell are these animals even? They’re just, like, gross horse knock-offs with bones sticking out of their heads. Nasty. Like, figure out what your deal is. If you want to be a horse, just be a fucking horse. Don’t be whatever the hell this is. 

Yuck, a baby one. Suck milk and shit pebbles, bitch! Go prance off to Hell where you belong. No one wants you here. 

Yes! Go off, king! Get his feral ass! We love to see it. Big stamp of approval here. Two thumbs up for this guy. 

Wow. The fucking nerve to just stare at us like that. Unbelievable. Crack a whip to scare this dead-eyed chode off into oncoming traffic. 

Scum. Absolute scum. We hope this deer explodes.