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Absolutely Bone-Chilling: This Clock Just Struck Midnight

Shut your blinds and lock your doors, because something incredibly frightening just happened: This clock has struck midnight.

Holy. Shit. This is absolutely bone-chilling.

Just mere seconds ago, this clock read 11:59 p.m., and everything seemed to be pretty much okay. But then the minute hand moved, and now both of the clock’s hands are beneath the 12, making it officially midnight. The clock even gave 12 horrifying chiming sounds to mark the new hour. Now the clock says it’s 100 percent midnight, and that’s horrific enough to drive us all to the brink of madness.

Let your mind be consumed by fear: This clock says it’s midnight now, and just one look at it is enough to make you start trembling with fright.

As if the fact that this clock says it’s midnight weren’t already spine-tinglingly terrifying to start with, it was already dark out before midnight even struck. But now the clock says 12 a.m., and it’s still dark, the combination of which is enough to make even the bravest person let out a blood-curdling shriek of abject horror.

So abandon all hope and let the spine-tingling dread overwhelm you. It’s officially midnight according to this clock, and who knows what’s going to happen now. Stay safe out there.