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Absolutely Heartwarming: This Stray Dog Was Living Sick And Abandoned Until This Incredible Family Took Her In And Regularly Put Rectal Suppositories Into Her Asshole To Relieve Her Chronic Constipation And Had Her Foul Anal Glands Expressed On A Weekly Basis Until She Was Healthy Again!

If you want a story that’s going to make you cry tears of joy, look no further than the heartwarming tale of Munchkin the dog and her guardian angels, the Bailey family from Portland, OR. Munchkin was a stray dog living sick and abandoned until this incredible family took her in and regularly put rectal suppositories into her asshole to relieve her chronic constipation and had her foul anal glands expressed on a weekly basis until she was healthy again!

So amazing! This is the kind of story that makes you want to stand up and cheer.

When the Bailey family first found Munchkin, she was completely emaciated and in immense physical pain due to a stomach condition that led to severe constipation. To make matters worse, her anal gland smelled absolutely rancid due to a significant buildup of impacted feces, which had in turn led to bowel disease that was slowly but surely killing her. Thankfully, the members of the Bailey family have enormous hearts, and they took Munchkin into their home and immediately began supplying the suffering pooch with plenty of rectal suppositories to help her shit more freely. Then, they began a strict weekly regimen of manually expressing Munchkin’s foul anal gland by inserting their fingers into her anus to release the buildup of pungent fluid that was causing the poor, neglected dog to obsessively lick her own asshole.

Wow. You can’t help but grin from ear to ear when you hear a beautiful story like this one! Munchkin is an extremely lucky dog to have found loving people like the Baileys to take her in and manipulate her rectum like she was a member of their own family!

From the moment Munchkin first arrived at the Bailey home, every single person in the family pitched in on their mission to nurse her back to health. Father Sam would wake up early every day to fill Munchkin’s diseased asshole with saline solution before he left for work, teenage daughter Tara would rub antifungal cream around the rim Munchkin’s anus when she came home from school, and even the baby of the family, 6-year-old Jeremy, would help out by holding Munchkin down while his mom, Lisa, inserted a large suppository in the panicking dog’s rectum in order to induce a much-needed enema to help Munchkin’s failing digestive system recover to tip-top shape!

The transformation that Munchkin has undergone since the Baileys took her in has been nothing short of amazing. Due to the poor diet she had been fed by her cruel original owners, Munchkin had developed severe constipation and was making dry, discolored bowel movements only a few times a week, but thanks to the Bailey family’s round-the-clock TLC and the daily suppositories they put in her rectum, Munchkin is producing healthy bowel movements all over the house! She is finally defecating like a healthy dog, and it’s all thanks to this incredible family!

“When we first found Munchkin, it was clear that her previous owners had completely neglected to express her anal glands, and the fact that the brown discharge that squirted out of her rectum was cloudy when I inserted my fingers into her ass and squeezed the pea-sized sacs just inside her rectum indicated that her anal glands had become foul with infection and disease,” said Lisa Bailey. “But I’m so happy to say that after just a little affection and care, the reek of decay that once came from her infected anal glands has almost entirely vanished, and the fluid that they secrete is now a healthy pale brown, which means her rectal infection has been almost completely cured!”

This is just beautiful. It’s so amazing to see a family willing to take in a dog in need and give her the colorectal care she deserves! If you’re not standing and applauding right now, you officially have no soul. Let’s hope Munchkin can look forward to the Bailey family inserting medication into her rectum and using their fingers to squeeze stinking fluid from her anal glands for many years to come!