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Add A Little Costner To These Widows’ Lives

Turn these women’s days from drab to fab with a quick visit from Hollywood’s own Kevin Costner!

The woman pictured here was married to her husband for over 40 years before he died suddenly in his sleep. Go ahead, squeeze some Kevin into the mix!

Is she feeling blue? You know what to do! Put that good ol’ Costner magic back into her life.

What is this: a funeral, or the red carpet premiere for Field Of Dreams? Hard to be sad when Academy Award–winner Kevin Costner is there, that’s for sure!

A touch of Costner here, a dab of Costner there, and voila! Good as new!

Get in there, Kevin! Give her life the spice she’s always wanted!

What’s that? Your husband died over eight years ago? Why, a situation like this calls for none other than the star of the box-office smash The Bodyguard.

Just what the doctor ordered: a big, heaping pile of Costner! Can’t get any better than that.