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Aloha! ClickHole’s Treasure Is On Vacation In Hawaii

You might have noticed that ClickHole’s treasure is gone, but have no fear. Our precious gold and jewels have not been stolen. You’ll be happy to know that ClickHole’s glorious treasure is enjoying a weeklong vacation in beautiful Hawaii.

Aloha! ClickHole’s treasure is getting seven days of tropical fun in the sun!

Our wonderful treasure landed in Hawaii this morning and got a flowery lei put around its lid as it came off the plane. The treasure wasted no time before hitting the beach, where it is sunning its golden doubloons on the sandy coast and dipping its wooden chest in the azure waters. ClickHole’s treasure is having an absolute blast in paradise, and we can’t wait to see all of its vacation photos.

Next week ClickHole’s treasure will be back in the treasure section on, right where it belongs. So hang tight treasure fans, you’ll be able to look at ClickHole’s treasure again soon, but remember to never touch our treasure. ClickHole’s treasure belongs to ClickHole alone. Get your own treasure.

In the meantime, to our treasure we say have a great vacation, because you’ve earned a break! Mahalo!