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Animal Rights Win! Someone Gave This Horse A Computer

All too often, we prioritize the needs and feelings of humans over those of animals, but this beautiful story shows that some people do possess compassion and kindness for the other species that inhabit our planet: Someone gave this horse a computer!

This is a major win for animal rights!

Charlie is an Appaloosa horse who has lived on a farm in Wyoming for all 10 years of his life so far, filling his days by walking around a pasture and through the surrounding woods. He has never had much in the way of entertainment or connection to the outside world—until this week, when an anonymous stranger went to Best Buy and registered a brand-new Lenovo desktop to him before dropping it off at his stable. The computer, which Charlie has already sniffed excitedly and tapped at with his hoof, is pre-loaded with useful apps like Internet Explorer and iTunes, which Charlie will now be able to access at will.

Horses are complex beings that deserve information and entertainment just like humans do. Whatever generous person bought this computer is truly an animal lover and a hero!

The computer is also fully loaded with Microsoft Office Suite, giving Charlie an unparalleled opportunity to create images and documents for the first time in his life. Our typical anthropocentric attitudes often cause us to leave animals neglected, as evidenced by the sparse, technologically primitive stable area where Charlie spends his time. That’s why it’s so incredible that he is now extending his tongue to lick a 17-inch computer monitor of his own. In a world where animals are often poached for their fur and farmed for their meat with little if any regard for what they think and how they feel, it is absolutely amazing to see that there are still good samaritans who are willing to provide a horse with state-of-the-art computing equipment like this.

Just beautiful. It brings tears to our eyes to think about the selfless stranger who gave this lucky horse a computer. We hope to see more of this as people learn about respecting the animals that are such vital parts of our universe!