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Are These Beautiful Photos Of Brides All From Same-Sex Marriages? Sure.

How about we assume these photos are from same-sex marriages until we hear otherwise?

1. Okay, sure. Why not?

2. Let’s put this one down as a beautiful same-sex marriage. Certainly within the realm of possibility.

3. Bet she’s thinking about her gorgeous future wife. No reason not to think that.

4. The church. The dress. The ability to express her eternal love to another woman out in the open. There’s a good chance this wedding has everything going for it.

5. Let’s just go with the idea that this radiant bride-to-be is about to walk down the aisle next to another bride. That’s something we can get on board with.

6. This stunning bride is lucky to have her brother there on the day she probably marries a woman.

7. Definitely getting married. Might as well be a huge victory for equality.

8. Seems like a safe enough bet to say that they’re getting married to each other and it’s both breathtaking and inspiring.

9. Yep, not afraid to say it: Smart money says she gets married to a woman today.