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Aww! These Photos Of Animals With Their Children Are Going To Melt Your Hand

They’re just too much!

1. Snuggle time with this mommy and her kittens is so cute, it’ll completely melt your hand.

2. This seal family is so adorbs, you’ll feel it from your pinky to your palm!

3. Just try to keep your fingers from fusing and foaming once you get a load of this cuteness overload.

4. Aww! One look at this photo will have the fat dripping off your phalanges like soft slop! Plop!

5. Ugh, these pigs’ family portrait is so cute, you might as well slough your whole arm loose.

6. If this bunch doesn’t get your bones moist and frothy, nothing will.

7. Soak it in, Papa Bear, because those cubs will grow up fast! You should be mostly warm jelly sluice by now.

8. As long as your eyes are still spheres, sizzle away to these adorable otters!

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9. If you’re not just goop and teeth by now, this should do it.

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