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Baffling: This Woman’s 6-Paragraph Facebook Post About Gratitude Accompanying A Professional Headshot Of Her In A Cornfield Doesn’t Seem To Have Any Kind Of Big Announcement In It

Prepare to be baffled, because this strange social media mystery is confounding even the savviest of internet users: This woman’s six-paragraph Facebook post about gratitude accompanying a professional headshot of her in a cornfield doesn’t seem to have any kind of big announcement in it.

Huh. What the hell is this all about?

Twenty-eight-year-old Savannah James took to Facebook this afternoon to share a long post about how life has given her so many blessings and taught her so many lessons over the past five years, and how she has recently reached a place of peace with her journey. Though one might expect this kind of post to be about a big upcoming move or a career change, or maybe even being pregnant, Savannah left her followers hanging by simply ending the post with, “I feel rested, revived, and ready to welcome what is to come,” with absolutely no additional context to suggest why she had made such an elaborate post.

More confusing still, the photo accompanying the post shows Savannah in a full face of makeup and a new haircut posing peacefully in a field—a field none of her close friends or family members recognize as a location she frequents. It definitely looks like the kind of picture someone might post to announce that they had just become an essential oils distributor, but Savannah made no mention of the photo other than to cryptically state that “I think this image perfectly represents who I am in this very moment, this season of my life.”

Okay, what the fuck? She has to be getting married or changing religions or something, right?

Reports from those close to Savannah suggest that she has a steady boyfriend of about a year and a full-time job as an office administrator at a local elementary school, making it unclear why she chose to write about how she was “grateful for every single person who doubted my abilities, every person who broke my heart, and every person who lifted me up again when I thought moving on was impossible.” The five or so people who commented on the post might have some clue as to what she intended with this puzzle of a Facebook status, but if so, they haven’t revealed it, leaving their comments to such vague phrases as, “So wonderful to hear,” and, “Blessings, Savannah.”

Well, looks like whatever bad thing happened to her is over, and now something good is happening? Or something like that? Does anyone know what the deal is here with this apparent bombshell of a post?

Since Savannah’s enigmatic status update went up this morning, it has garnered over 300 likes, and there is still no clarity as to what it might be about. All we can hope is that based on Savannah’s serene smile in her headshot, she is doing well. Maybe there will be some new information in the coming weeks regarding whether Savannah’s going to go to grad school or having a baby or starting a business or what. Let us know if you figure anything out about why she did this whole big thing.