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Beautiful: This Boy Put The Basketball Under His Shirt And Now He Is Pregnant With The Basketball

Get some tissues ready, because here’s a story so beautiful that it will move you to tears: This little boy just put the basketball under his shirt and now he is pregnant with the basketball.

Amazing. His motherhood is in full bloom, and he is absolutely glowing.

Just moments ago, while playing a game of knockout at recess, the boy tucked the basketball he and his friends were using under his shirt so that it protruded from his belly, making him pregnant. His friends looked on in wonder as he marched around the blacktop declaring, “Look, look at me, I’m pregnant!” and pointing to his fertile womb. The boy was beaming, and it was a lovely sight to behold.

As he continued to prance around the court, the basketball at one point began to slip down out of his shirt, but the boy, channeling his maternal instincts, hoisted it back up again into the safety of his womb area and caringly tucked in his shirt so that the ball would stay put. Truly nothing is more powerful than a mother’s love!

And now, you will be delighted to learn that the boy is lying flat on his back with his legs in the air, yelping, “I’m having a baby! The baby is coming out of my butt!” indicating that he has carried the basketball to term and is going through labor. The miracle of childbirth is taking place, and soon a new bundle of joy will enter this world.

What a blessing God has given this handsome young man! How wonderful it is to watch a boy become a mother to a beautiful basketball.