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Beautiful: When The People In This Town Realized One Of Their Neighbors Didn’t Have Money To Buy A Car, They Didn’t Coordinate And All Got Cars For Him

For Indiana resident Lucas Watson, getting to work used to be a struggle. Since Lucas couldn’t afford his own car, he had to walk two hours every morning just to make it to his job. But that all changed when something incredible happened: As soon as the people in Lucas’ town realized that he didn’t have money to buy a car, they didn’t coordinate and all got cars for him!

It warms your heart to see people looking out for each other like this!

It must have been an incredible surprise for Lucas to walk outside one morning to find that his kindhearted neighbors had completely failed to communicate with each other and wound up purchasing him about 50 cars! Lucas probably never expected to have his own set of wheels, but thanks to his incredible neighbors who all assumed they were acting alone in buying him a car, he now has a small armada of cars to get him to work in 20 minutes flat.

This was a truly selfless gesture from some kindhearted and disorganized people, and now Lucas can be reminded how much his neighbors care about him every time he looks at the car in his driveway, the cluster of cars scattered around his front yard, and the several dozen remaining cars jamming up his street for two blocks in either direction.

Absolutely beautiful! It’s truly wonderful to see people in a community neglect any sort of logistical planning and all independently decide to help a neighbor in need in the same exact way. Here’s hoping that their extremely disorganized generosity rubs off on more communities all across America!