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Beauty Win: Maybelline Has Released A New Short-Lasting Lip Stain That’s Bold And Vibrant In Your Bathroom Mirror But Fades Before You Go Out In Public And Feel Weird About It

Calling all makeup enthusiasts! There’s a new beauty product on the market that could change your entire beauty regimen forever: Maybelline has released a new short-lasting lip stain that’s bold and vibrant in your bathroom mirror but fades before you go out in public and feel weird about it!

Finally, a product for makeup wearers who like the idea of making a statement way more than the terrifying reality of actually doing it!

Maybelline’s new stain, hitting shelves this fall, promises to look bright and vibrant in the privacy of your home and then fade to a much less daring color before you see anyone who could have any opinions on it whatsoever. The company says the product will be offered in a variety of eye-catching shades, and it seems totally perfect for any fleeting moment of self-confidence that is destined to disappear as soon as you leave your home!

So cool. This lip stain can basically turn you into the person you wish you could be, and then immediately dials it back so that nobody ever sees.

According to Maybelline’s social media, the new lip stain will be available both online and in stores, so if you’re looking for a makeup product that will satisfy both your desire to take more risks and your intense paranoia about the way you are perceived, you’ll definitely be able to get your hands on it in no time. Keep an eye out and try it for yourself. Nobody will ever know that you thought you could pull it off!