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Being The Change: The NFL Will Donate $1,000 To CTE Research For Every Bone-Crunching, Get-You-Up-Out-Of-Your-Seat Hit In The Super Bowl

If you think all sports leagues are soulless, here’s one story that’ll prove you wrong.

The Super Bowl is one of the grandest events in all of sports, but this year’s contest is shaping up to be more important than ever. The NFL is using Sunday’s championship game to bring some much-needed awareness to a very serious cause, as the league has announced plans to donate $1,000 to chronic traumatic encephalopathy research for every bone-crunching, get-you-up-out-of-your-seat hit during Super Bowl 52.

Amazing! What a selfless gesture!

From kickoff until the final whistle, every single hard-hitting, tooth-rattling tackle means more money donated toward ending the plight of those suffering from CTE, which is an inspiring sight to see. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Patriots fan or a Eagles fan—everyone will be cheering when they hear the heart-pounding thunderclap of a high-impact helmet-to-helmet, knowing that each freight train of a collision gets us one step closer to ending this terrible affliction, and it’s all thanks to the NFL’s generosity.

“The more players who get leveled by a truck of a man, the more likely we are to put an end to brain damage once and for all,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “CTE research is essential for our players’ long-term health, which is why we have vowed to donate an extra $500 per jaw-dropping, leave-you-feeling-it-the-next-morning sack if the hit is so vicious that the player has to be stretchered off the field afterward.”

“I’d also like to thank our corporate sponsor, Chevy, who promised to give a brand-new convertible to the player who dishes out the biggest spleen-jarring sledgehammer of a hit during the game,” Goodell added. “We strongly encourage fans watching at home to donate as well, as the NFL is prepared to match donations of up to $25,000 whenever a player’s clock gets absolutely cleaned out there on the gridiron.”

You go, commish! This will definitely go a long way toward curing this awful disease. Let’s hope for some big-time defensive pyrotechnics during the big game. Super Sunday can’t come soon enough!