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Body Positivity FTW! Cap’n Crunch Just Became The First Breakfast Cereal Mascot To Show Off His C-Section Scar On A Cereal Box

Whether it’s the Trix rabbit showing off his size-zero waist or the Cookie Crisp wolf glamorously bulging his eyes an impossible 18 inches from their sockets at the sight of Cookie Crisp, cereal boxes have always featured highly airbrushed images of mascots with unrealistic body types. But now, one cereal brand is doing something seriously awesome to show that it’s okay to love yourself just the way you are: Cap’n Crunch just became the first breakfast cereal to have their mascot to show off his C-section scar on a cereal box.

Slay, Cap’n! You are perfect and sexy just the way you are!

Now in stores nationwide, all-new boxes of Cap’n Crunch feature a stunning, un-Photoshopped image of the Cap’n proudly lifting his shirt to reveal his C-section scar with one hand while proffering a large spoonful of cereal with the other. Boldly flaunting the six-inch incision mark from where a stillborn infant was once surgically extracted, the Cap’n is not only taking a bold stand against society’s ridiculous standards of beauty but totally owning his imperfections, proving that you don’t have to have flawless bone structure like Count Chocula or perfectly toned arms like the Raisin Bran sun to look absolutely gorgeous.

“For years at Cap’n Crunch, our cereal boxes featured unrealistic notions of what helming a flying boat through an ocean of milk really looks like, and we realize now just how harmful those depictions were,” said the cereal brand in a statement. “Kids shouldn’t grow up thinking they need to have perfect unblemished skin or a grinning, propane-tank-sized head to become a jolly cereal ship captain. We want them to know that it’s their imperfections that make them special, and just because they might have a C-section scar or a body type that doesn’t fit certain ideals doesn’t mean they’re not beautiful enough to appear on the front of a cereal box.”

This is absolutely amazing! Kudos to Cap’n Crunch for taking such an important stand for body positivity. While there are unfortunately still plenty of airbrushed images of unattainable body types in the breakfast aisle, here’s hoping other cereal brands follow Cap’n Crunch’s cue in declaring that natural is beautiful.