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Body Positivity Win: Dad Is Changing Out Of His Swimsuit In The Beach Parking Lot With His Bare Ass In Plain View Of Everyone

So much media today teaches us to be ashamed of our bodies, but one amazing man is going against the grain and taking a brave stand for body positivity: Dad is changing out of his swimsuit in the beach parking lot with his bare ass in plain view of everyone.

Way to go, Dad! Your nude ass is a symbol of progress, and we are absolutely here for it!

Dad had just returned to the car with the family after spending the day swimming at the beach when he realized that his wet bathing suit was going to get water all over the car. Since the bathroom was all the way on the other side of the parking lot, Dad made the admirable choice to whip off his swim trunks right then and there, where the whole family and dozens of strangers could catch a glimpse of his nude buttocks—and even his penis from certain angles—as he clumsily peeled off his wet clothes and let passersby take a look at parts of his body that the morality police tells us we should keep hidden.

While modern society pressures people to change clothing in private so that their nude body isn’t on full display to everyone at the beach currently looking for parking, Dad is body-positive and self-possessed enough to show off his bare ass as he hops around trying to wriggle out of his wet swim trunks. It’s a level of confidence that is honestly inspiring. Hopefully, all the little boys at the beach today can see Dad’s bravery and grow up feeling empowered to show off their own bare asses to the world!

When Mom started to get all embarrassed because people in the parking lot were staring at Dad and making faces, Dad responded to that regressive, ass-shaming monster by reminding her that he “didn’t have any parts that they’ve never seen before” and continuing to flaunt his nude backside as he changed into his dry cargo shorts. Yep, with that body-positive retort from Dad, Mom is officially cancelled and Dad and his ass are king!

We are seriously so inspired right now! If everyone else was as body-positive as Dad, then the world would be a much better place. Here’s hoping that Dad’s remarkable actions today will empower people to love their bodies enough to change out of their swim trunks wherever they feel like it.