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Body Positivity Win! Dove Just Released A Powerful New Ad Campaign Announcing That In Their Eyes Everyone Is Fat

It’s a sad truth that modern society is saturated with images that promote unhealthy beauty standards and negative body image, but one incredible company is stepping up to try to change that: Dove just released a powerful new ad campaign announcing that, in their eyes, everyone is fat.

Wonderful! It’s awesome to see a company using their platform for good!

Dove launched their amazing new “The World Is Overweight” campaign this week, and it’s seriously one of the most inspiring things we’ve ever seen. In a series of black-and-white commercials, women of all different body types look into the camera and say, “Dove thinks I’m fat,” while uplifting music plays. Each commercial ends with a message flashing on the screen that reads, “Everyone is equally fat. Everyone is equally beautiful.”

What an incredible way to teach people to accept their bodies just the way they are!

“Dove believes that nobody should ever feel ashamed of being overweight, and this is because literally everyone in the world is absolutely enormous,” the beauty company said in a statement. “No matter your age, race, or sexuality, you are extremely fat, and so is everybody else. It’s time we all put aside our differences and celebrate what we have in common: Being the exact same amount of obese.”


Hopefully, all of Dove’s customers will take this incredible message to heart and realize that, since everyone’s fat, nobody needs to feel bad about their weight. Other companies take note: This is how you change the world for the better.